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Retriever Training for Hunting and Hunt Test:

   Call or email for information:  These classes are done on a one on one basis.  I work with dogs on all levels from beginner to advanced.

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Welcome to Super Dog Obedience & Gun Dog Training

Owning Labrador Retrievers since I was 9 has given me a rare opportunity.  I learned to listen to my dogs.  When I was young I did not have access to training manuals, videos and other trainers.  My dogs have taught me more than I have taught them and to think any different would be an error on my part.  I hunt. compete in obedience and Hunting Retriever Test sactioned by and  (Hunting Retriever club).  I also do in store demonstrations, events and promotions for Bass Pro Shop, Field and Stream Stores, Cabelas and local events.

I have had the pleasure of training dogs for since 1984.  I own and operate Super Dog Obedience and Gun Dog Training which was established in 1997.  I work with all breeds of dogs and they have all taught me a tremendous amount of priceless knowledge that I gladly share with others.

Super Dog's mission is to help dogs and their owners better understand each other.  It seems that people automatically think that dogs are born knowing what to do, what is expected of them and how to do it all within strict guidelines with minimal training.  This can not be farther from the truth, you will only get back what you put in.

All dogs have a purpose or job.  They are bred to hunt, herd, pull, to be companion dogs, etc.  With this in mind we must first understand that each of these dogs must be trained to do their job.  Their abilities have to be honed for them to be able to perform at the level expected.  We all have the ability to swim but that does not mean that we are all olympic swimmers.

  The gal pictured above is HR Fowlcreeks TF Black as Night SH CD (call name: Nighty) a black labrador retriever.  ( RIP 4-7-2004 10-31-2014)

  We hope you will enjoy what you read and come back on a regular basis to learn more.  We also want you to understand that when you train a dog it has to be done with plenty of love, patience, firmness and a funny bone the size of Texas.  We want to help you learn to read your dog, when you accomplish that you can work through most any problems you are having.   Also remember I am only a click away if you have any questions, I am here to help you.

So put your paws on the mouse, your nose in the wind and enjoy!

Lynne offers obedience classes, private field training and private obedience training:  Call for information, class times and information:  828-667-5995  or by email

Demonstrations and Seminars

Retriever Seminar and Demonstration: How retrievers are key in wildlife conservation and demonstration of dog handling.  Camp Harrison for the North Carolina Wildlife Commission at the BOW Program in Boomer N.C.


Basic Obedience Class:

   Next Classes will begin in March of 2017, call for class information, times and location.  We look forward to working with you and your Super Dog!

Super Dog Obedience & Gun Dog Training