Team Frady Outdoor Adventures

Hunting Adventures

2011 Black Bear   Maine

2011  American Bison 

2011  Whitetail Deer   "Grandpaw"   Kentucky

2011  Whitetail Deer  Kentucky

2011  Asian Water Buffalo 

2011  Grey Squirrel  North Carolina

Shooting for the Future

Photo Gallery

Jim and I have been very blessed to be able to hunt all over the United States and Canada.  We hope you enjoy our photo gallery as much as we have enjoyed making memories that will last a life time.  Scroll through and check our adventures afield.    

Below are pictures from our hunting seasons and a few fun photos as well.  The top three are from our Whitetail hunt in Junction Texas in 2014, believe it or not we almost froze to death on that hunt.  The next photo is of Jim with his North Carolina whitetail he named Old # 7, his largest deer from our home state.  Following that is our Mulies from Colorado with Mike Lewarne, owner of Mule Deer Specialist ( his information is on our outfitters page.)  This was our first mule deer hunt and we can tell you it did not disappoint.  We could not believe how many mule deer we saw, they were everywhere.   The next group of photos are from our gator/hog hunt with David Mills, owner of Team SRR ( info on our outfitters page)  This was another first for us, what a great time we had hunting the dinosaurs of Florida and bowfishing.  I guess you can tell by the look on my face that I loved holding the baby gator that David caught for me, glad we didn't have to contend with mama I'm sure she would not have been as happy as I was about it.

​​What an awesome time we had with