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The New Wildlife Research Center Premium Spray Scent Cans are ready to be added to your list of items that you won't hunt without.  These 3oz cans come in either Golden Doe, which you can use any time during season and in Golden Estrus, that will work great during pre-rut and the rut.

     Wildlife Research Center offesr the latest technology in this pressurized can.  It comes with a high output sprayer that will even spray upside down.  It also has a unique bag on valve system that separates the pressurized air from the premium scent.  This prevents the scent from being contaminated so you have true scent.  Wildlife Research Center has been in business for 35 years and they continue to improve on what hunters rely on.  These Super Charged cans with Scent Reflex Technology can be used on scent wicks, sprayed on the ground or anywhere you would use a scent lure.  These Premium Spray Cans will tip the scale in your favor!