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Team Frady Outdoor Adventures

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Bowhunting with Kentucky Antler Company  Lynne's largest bow harvest to date a.k.a  Grandpaw

Team Frady's Gator hunt and bowfishing trip with Team Struttin Ruttin and Reelin

Jim and his Canadian Black Bear

Jim and his North Carolina Whitetail Buck  

Archery Adventures

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We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their continued support and for all those who have helped us make our dreams become reality!  We are looking forward to the 2019 season and hope that we can continue to make you proud to have us as part of your team

  ​​Team Frady'sArchery Adventures had a simple beginning.  Jim and I wanted to bring people to the outdoors through shooting sports and hunting. We established Team Frady Outdoor Adventures in 1993.  Our Mission statement was simple, bring more women and children to the sport of archery, bow hunting and shooting sports.  It was amazing to us how our daughters generation was not involved in the outdoors at all.  They were to busy working with anything and everything that had to do with pushing a button either on a video game, computer or a cell phone.  We knew that somehow we could change this thinking even if it was on a small scale.

Jim and I became certified North Carolina Hunter Education Instructors and N.A.A Level 1 Archery Instructors to give us the tools we needed to teach others.  Through the years we have taught thousands in our archery and hunting outdoor classroom programs.  We have taught summer camps, 4-H club, Boy Scouts of America, Becoming an Outdoors Woman programs, Women in the Outdoors through the NWTF, plus in store promotions for Bass Pro Shop, Cabelas, and Field and Stream stores.  

When Jim and I met he introduced me to archery.  I was hooked!  The only problem was that I could not judge yardage and we knew this would be a huge problem bow hunting.  Jim decided we would shoot the local 3-D archery tournaments so I could learn.  Here in the mountains of Western North Carolina there is no flat ground and he knew this would help me learn to shoot from a tree stand or from the ground in any situation.  It was a great idea.  The first tournament we went to was a winter chiller.  It was held in January, there was 12 inches of snow on the ground, a balmy 17 degrees with a stiff north wind.  The 25 target 3-D course was set straight up one side of a mountain and straight down the other.  I lost 7 arrows on the course and loved every minute.  To my amazement I won my class that day!  When we arrived back at the truck 4 hours later, Jim shot me a smile and said "So what do you think of 3-D tournaments"  my reply "When is the next one"!

Archery Tournament Schedule for 2019

USA Archery Indoor North Carolina State Championship  Feb 3rd, 2019  held at:

Boneyard Archery

From there we have shot local, state and National Tournament Trails.

Our Accomplishments:

USA Archery Indoor North Carolina State Championship

(2018 1st place Women's Masters Class- Lynne)

USA Archery Indoor North Carolina State Championship

(2018 2nd place Men's Masters Class-Jim)

USA Archery Outdoor Field North Carolina State Championship

(2018 1st place Women's Master Class-Lynne)

USA Archery Outdoor Field Archery North Carolina State Championship

( 2018 3rd place Men's Master Class- Jim)

5 Time Consecutive Western North Carolina Regional 3-D Champion (1997-2001)

North Carolina State 3-D Champion (1998)

Highest Ranking at ASA World Championship  12th (1998)

We decided to stop competing in 2001 after the last shoot of the year.  We had been on the road 42 weekends shooting tournaments.  We had a daughter entering the 8th grade and knew she would need us closer to home during her time in middle, High School and even collage. We decided that we would concentrate on our archery programs and give up the tournament trail.....for a while. We felt that our decision was the right one.  Did we miss competing, of course, but bringing others to our sport so it will be here for the next generation is very important.  We have picked up our bows and headed back to the tournament trail in 2018.

  Our hunts have been as successful as were our programs.  We have had the pleasure to hunt all over the United States and Canada.   Hard work and persistence pays off.  Never stop following your dreams!  Below are some of the photos from our adventures.